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Abu Sheikha Exchange & Western Union Services In Jordan: Your Money In Trusted Hands

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Transferring money might concern many Jordanian citizens as they fear data theft, slow transfer, and bad customer service. No one can blame them for that, we always hear about these issues everywhere we go.

But as the saying goes “all fingers are not equal.” It basically depends on your choice; that’s why you need to know your partner before dealing with them.

Sending Money with Us Is Easy & Safe

Abu Sheikha Exchange has been offering countless money services in Jordan, including Western Union to make money transfers easier, safer, and more convenient for Jordanians and expats.

Whether you want to transfer money locally or globally, Abu Sheikha Exchange and Western Union are always at your command because we believe that you deserve the best.

Abu Sheikha Exchange & Western Union: Partners That You Can Trust

Abu Sheikha Exchange always puts its clients’ safety as a priority because we thrive on keeping your data secure. To make sure that we are eligible for your trust, we’ve teamed up with one of the most trusted networks out there: Western Union.

Our agents, across 17 branches, are highly trained to process information with utmost care, transparency, and speed. 


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Abu Sheikha Exchange: 17 Locations At Your Fingertips

To make sure that you get our service whenever and wherever you need it, we have established 17 branches across Jordan to help you send and receive money worldwide. Our locations are prepared to complete all of your money transfer duties without needing to go anywhere else.

Is Western Union Service Available Across Abu Sheikha Exchange Branches?

You can find Western Union services in all our branches. Whether you want to receive or send money, our branches are open from early morning till after midnight to ensure that your money needs are handled on the spot.

How To Use Western Union Service With Abu Sheikha Exchange?

As much as we care about security, we also care about providing an easy-to-use service for every customer.

If you want to send money through our Western Union services, you just need to:

  • Visit the nearest Abu Sheikha Exchange branch with your national ID
  • Provide the operator with transfer information, such as receiving country, receiver’s full name, and desired sending amount
  • The operator will inform you with the proposed fees and the amount received at the destination (To know more about the fees click here)
  • Then, the operator will double check the correctness of the information provided
  • If everything is correct, you can pay either cash or through your bank card
  • The transfer will be sent directly with a sending receipt provided to you to share the Transfer number (MTCN) with the receiver.
  • Precaution: do not share your transfer details with anyone other than the actual receiver, and make sure you personally know the receiver


Meanwhile, if you want to receive money from anywhere in the world via Western Union, you need to:

  • Ask the sender about the tracking code

  • Visit an Abu Sheikha Exchange branch

  • Hand the agent your ID and the tracking code 

  • Collect your money

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to send or receive money with Western Union.  

How long It Takes To Send Or Receive Money

Because we believe that you deserve a fantastic experience each time you deal with us, our transactions only take a couple of minutes to be done.  You don’t need to wait for hours or days, Abu Sheikha Exchange and Western Union in Jordan will get your money moving in minutes.


What Benefits Do I Get from Using Abu Sheikha Exchange?

Besides being one of the leading exchange companies in Jordan, Abu Sheikha Exchange offers you a wide range of top-notch services:

  • Almost every currency you need can be found in Abu Sheikha Exchange

  • Exchange currency with the best rates in the market
  • All-in-one place for unlimited money services
  • Low-cost fees on Western Union transfers

  • 17 branches across Jordan’s major cities to serve you all week longs

  • Prize draws for valuable customers as an appreciation for their trust

  • Highly trained agents and professional customer service

  • Free e-wallet accounts for easy and fast payments

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How Western Union Can Add To My Experience?

Because we want you to live the difference, we only get you the best.

  • Western Union in Jordan provides the fastest money transfer, and with Abu Sheikha Exchange it is a matter of minutes to receive and send your money
  • Abu Sheikha Exchange and Western Unions offer their service across countless branches in Jordan

  • Western Union is a foremost company that was established in 1851 and trusted by millions of users

  • A cooperation between two leading companies can give you enough confidence and trust to deal with while being in utmost peace of mind

A Business Built For Your Comfort

Succeeded in building up a collaboration between two prominent companies, Abu Sheikha Exchange & Western Union can promise you safety and security at the lowest rate. Our years of experience can assure you that you have made the right choice of dealing with us, as we put your privacy and comfort before anything else. 


Abu Sheikha Exchange: Find Your Trusted Partner At Every Corner


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