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  The Beginning of a Successful Story Abu Sheikha Exchange Company was founded in 1994 by Omar Abu Sheikha, the chairman of board, and Yasser Abu Sheikha, the general manager. It all

  The competition is fierce between international money transfer services; and it is growing more ferocious day after day! It is a big world we are living in and the options are various when

  A prepaid card is basically a form of bank card that is used to spend money. What makes it different from a credit card is that you need to load it with money beforehand, either through

  You have transferred money at least once in your life. You went to the bank, deposited the amount, talked a bit with the employer, and left. Easy! But have you ever asked yourself if

  When you are travelling abroad, you have to expect some emergency situations when you are in a serious need of money. It is better to choose a trusted person who will be ready to help you

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    October 14, 2019

  If you want to transfer money to someone who owes you, there are multiple ways to do so other than meeting him in person. Luckily, we are living in an electronic world where everything

  We sometimes find ourselves in need of transferring money in critical moments. Many situations can be mentioned regarding this, such as your son who studies abroad calling you at a Thursday

  Money transfer service was not the same hundreds of years ago. It has evolved over the years, until we got to this stage of digitalization. Money is never meant to be static! It is only

Western Union is a wire transfer service that allows users to send and/or receive money easily and instantaneously. This service comes in handy if you want to transfer money to a family member or

  Although wire transfer and direct deposit are two ways to send money electronically, they are not the same thing. Today, sending money doesn’t require you to carry the cash in your