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Gone are those days when transferring money internationally was a long, hard, and tiring process. Thanks to advanced technology and the ongoing improvement in this area, people now can send money

There comes a time in your life where sending money to someone else becomes a necessity; either it is a friend, a family member, or a business partner. When you think about money transfers, the first

The global pandemic has left us all extra careful when dealing with the outside world, especially when it comes to money or cash. It is a tough time that we are living in and what makes it worse is

Western Union is known to be a pioneer in providing money transfer services for over 160 years, across 200 countries worldwide. Many people of different ages and nationalities rely on the company to

A floating exchange rate is  when a country’s currency is determined by the supply and demand of other stronger currencies.  Floating exchange rate is speculated and determined on the

Should you convert foreign currency before you travel or not? That is the question for the typical avid traveler.  This can also be a problem for the modern Shakespeare. Many travellers,

Have you ever gone shopping at a mall and while you’re waiting to check out, you found out that you don’t have enough cash?! How disappointing is that? All the fun you had shopping was taken away

COVID-19 has caused damage to a lot of financial businesses inside Jordan due to the lockdown and other restrictions applied by the Jordanian government to mitigate and address the danger of the

Does Western Union fees concern you every time you want to transfer money using the service? Sending and receiving money via Western Union is considered the best option because the company has been a

Western Union has a history of 170 years of providing excellent financial services and it is considered the most prominent and leading money transfer company worldwide. Western Union started its