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Sending Money Online to Family & Friends

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Do you want to send money to family and friends online and without hassle?

You can now relax knowing that it has become easier than ever to send money to anyone wherever you are. With Abu Sheikha Exhange you do not need to deposit any amount upon account registration or deposit money into your account in order to send a transfer. With a few steps, you can send money using your existing accounts.

Sending money online offers many advantages, most importantly: speed, convenience and security. It allows you to send money instantly to your family wherever you are and without the physical presence at the bank or any exchange company and you'll be able to track the payments any time. Compared to traditional methods, it is easier to send money with Abu Sheikha Exchange – the only digital solution approved and licensed for an Exchange company by the Central Bank of Jordan.

One important advantage for using Abu Sheikha's Mobile Application is the flexibility in payment methods. You can pay for your transfers through your E-wallet Account, E-Fawateercom, and CLIQ.

When you use Abu Sheikha's Digital Solution, you are also contributing to a greener and cleaner environment as sending money digitally minimizes the need for paperwork and helps keep our environment clean.

Our services are integrated seamlessly, enhancing the customer's overall experience leaving them happy and satisfied with the services.

Although Abu Sheikha Exchange branches are always operating during holidays and weekends, yet the mobile application operates around the clock, meaning you can send and receive money anywhere, anytime.

One most important benefit of Abu Sheikha's Application is Security. From registration to payment your transfer is secure and encrypted. Once your account is approved, you should never share your information such as username, password, OTP, or any information pertaining your account, as you are the only one authorized to use your account.

All in all, there are many other advantages of using Abu Sheikha's Application. Download the application and register now. Our App is available on IOs and Android.