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Which Money Transfer Is Best: Western Union Vs. PayPal

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The competition is fierce between international money transfer services; and it is growing more ferocious day after day! It is a big world we are living in and the options are various when it comes to sending money overseas.

Let’s say you have been working for as a freelancer for a client abroad and wants to receive your fees, but you don’t know which money transfer service you should use to make sure the process is easy and fast.

Most people use one of the two biggest money transfer services: Western Union and PayPal. That’s why we will talk in depth about these two gigantic services to let you take a better-informed decision.

The History of Western Union & PayPal

Western Union: A well-known money transfer service, established in 1851. It was the first company to create transcontinental telegraph line that facilitates the process of sending and receiving money worldwide.

PayPal: It is the most popular online payment service, was established in 1998.


How Money Transfer Works in Western Union

With Western Union, you need to visit one of its sites or agents and inform the employee about the money you want to send.

The employee will collect your money, check your ID number, and begin the process of delivering the money.

Once everything is approved the money will be processed and the recipient can collect it either by visiting Western Union site, agent or directly through their bank account.


How PayPal Works

Using PayPal to transfer money is different than Western Union.

Here you need to open a free online account. Then, you can send the money from your PayPal balance to the recipient’s PayPal credit, bank account, credit or debit card.

The recipient now can either keep the money in his PayPal account or withdraw it to their bank account.


Which Offers Less Transfer Fees?

It depends on the amount you want to send.

If you are sending a smaller amount, it is better to use PayPal because it charges minimal fees. For larger amounts of money, it is better to use Western Union.


Availability & Access

Being a company with long history, Western Union is available in most countries and each country has several sites and agents where customers can go and complete their transactions.

On the other hand, some countries have limited access or no access at all to PayPal, and their banks don’t accept any PayPal payments.

Opening and activating a PayPal account might take some time which delays the process of sending/receiving money. Meanwhile, by using Western Union you can send and receive money instantly.


5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Money Transfer Service

  • Is it for business or personal use?
    Some money transfer services are experts in business transfers while others are better for individual transactions
  • What is your favorite transfer/receive method?
    Cash or account-to-account
  • How fast you need it?
    Some services require more time than others, depending on the amount of money
  • Which country are you going to send the money to?
    Make sure that the recipient’s country allows the money transfer service you use
  • Do You Want Access to Customer Service?

You need to check the quality of customer service before engaging with a money transfer service


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