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Why Choose Abu Sheikha Exchange

Our 25+ years of experience makes us trustworthy.
We cover all your money needs in one place.
We provide the best values and exchange rates.
Our services are easy to use for everyone.
Our employees are trained to serve with efficiency.
Operating in 17 branches across Jordan makes us closer to you.
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Abu Sheikha Exchange
Your Go-to Place For Unlimited Money Transfer Services

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we will provide you with a wide range of money transfer services that will save you the hassle of going anywhere else.

Western Union Transfers
Instant transfer with the fastest and largest network worldwide (Cash to cash or direct to bank account). click here for more information.
Local Inbound & Outbound Transfers
Fast and reliable money transfer inbound and outbound in Jordan.
Global Inbound & Outbound Transfers
Easy and secure way to receive and send money across the world.
Direct Bank Account
Transfer money directly to a bank account worldwide.
Outbound & Inbound Remittances To UAE
Secure money transfer via Cash Express across UAE.
Outbound remittances to Egypt
Misr Bank, Alex Bank, and Cairo Bank (cash & direct bank account).
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Our Transfer Fees
Are The Real Deal

The low-cost service you have been searching for is now at your fingertip

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Why Customers Trust Us

A unique company and excellent employees. All the respect and appreciation!

Omar Ma’aitah