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Exchange Rate
USD/AUD 1.3232
USD/BGN 1.6676
USD/BRL 3.6489
USD/CAD 1.2885
USD/CHF 0.98968
USD/CNY 6.3837
USD/CZK 22.006
USD/DKK 6.352
USD/EUR 0.85266
USD/GBP 0.74586
USD/HKD 7.8481
USD/HRK 6.3051

Online Currency Converter Services

The converter rates are international rates, for final rates please visit your nearest abusheikha exchange branch.


Money Services

Our branch network of 17 dynamic locations across the kingdom providing a full range of financial services.

Payments Are Made Easy With Abu Sheikha Exchange

E-wallets - Payments Are Made Easy

No more boring errands, now you can pay your bills online with one click
Unlimited Exchange Currency Service At Your Command

Unlimited Currency Exchange

We offer our clients the best exchange rate in town because we deliver value before anything else!
Send Money Anywhere – Your Best Rate Is Here

Send Money Anywhere

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we will provide you with a wide range of money transfer services that will save you the hassle of going anywhere else.
Transfer Your Money In Minutes - Western Union

Transfer Your Money In Minutes

Abusheikha Exchange & Western Union Team Up To Transfer Your Money In Minutes
Book Your Currency Beforehand with the Best Rate

Book your Currency

Book your currency beforehand with the best rate
Your Fast & Trusted Direct Deposit Service

Trusted Direct Deposit

Abusheikha Exchange will help you save time and money by directly depositing any payments to your bank account