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Money Transfer - Western Union: Send/Receive Money at Ease

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Western Union is a wire transfer service that allows users to send and/or receive money easily and safely. This service comes in handy if you want to transfer money to a family member or a friend living in a different country or city.

In this article, we will discover how Western Union made life easier for millions of people across the world and how you can use it to send money anywhere.

Money Transfer Via Western Union

As we mentioned before, Western Union is a wire transfer service which is an electronic method of transferring funds across a network of hundreds of banks and money transfer agencies worldwide. Transferring payments can also be done in cash through Western Union sites and agents.

Western Union has its service covering more than 200 countries. By connecting people together globally, Western Union establishes itself as the most efficient provider in the money transfer industry. Using Western Union has facilitated the process of sending money between individuals, no matter their geographical locations.

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Money Via Western Union

Now, let’s delve into the steps taken to benefit from using Western Union services:

Before Sending Money

  • Make sure you know the recipient personally. Try to avoid transferring money to unknown individuals
  • Know the recipient’s location and name, in order to provide the employee with accurate information about the address. (It is better to ask the recipient to provide you with the name and location existing in his/her ID card)
  • Confirm on the recipient to find a local Western Union site or agent that they can visit to collect the money.

Sending Money

Now that you collected the above information, you need to:

  • Find the nearest Western Union branch or agent (Western Union has several sites and agents around the world so make sure to check the location by visiting: https://www.westernunion.com/eg/en/home.html)
  • Provide the agent/employee with all necessary information

  • The agent/employee will check the correctness of provided info and the charges (To know more about the fees click here).

  • Then, the transfer will be directly sent to the receiver

  • The agent/employee will hand you the transfer number (MTCN) to share it with the receiver


Receiving money

Now that the recipient knows the nearest location:

  • They will visit Western Union branch or agent
  • Provide the MTCN number and a photo ID to check if they match
  • If everything goes well, the recipient will be able to collect the money


Our Advice to Avoid Scammers When Transferring Money

  • Never send money to an online friend or someone you just met
  • It is not favorable to use Western Union for online purchases (you still don’t know if the items will be delivered)
  • Don’t get fooled by intrusive advertising pop-ups that request money
  • Put the MTCN number somewhere safe; and don’t share it with anyone except the recipient

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