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Best ways to transfer money to Bangladesh

Over the past few years, transferring money abroad to friends and relatives has become an easy and accessible process for everyone due to the many options available and the low cost of moving. Still, the question remains, what is the best and most reliable exchange company in Jordan to transfer money through it quickly and safely?

It is well known that many Bengali nationals living and working in Jordan regularly send their money to their families in Bangladesh, so what is the best and fastest way to send money?

We will save you the trouble of thinking. The best way to send money is, with Abu Sheikha Exchange, in a safe and fast way.

You can send money to a bank account or choose cash at competitive prices. All you need to send money is a valid ID and beneficiary information.

How to send your money to Bangladesh?

If you are one of the people who frequently send money to Bangladesh to family and are looking for the best and fastest way to transfer money, do not hesitate to contact one of the Abu Sheikha Exchange branches, you can send to Bangladesh at the best rates and commissions through our network of banks in Bangladesh such as Premier Bank Limited, Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Trust Bank LTD, etc.  You can send to any bank in Bangladesh with Abu Sheikha Exchange.

What information do I need send money to a bank account?

In order to send money to a bank account in Bangladesh, you will need to provide the following:

  • beneficiary name
  • bank name and branch
  • routing number
  • beneficiary account number
  • Amount

Afterwards, you are required to confirm the details of the transfer. You need to make sure all the details provided to the teller is correct and valid.

Why choose Abu Sheikha Exchange to transfer money through it?

  • Many years of experience, which exceeds 28 years of experience in the banking field.
  • Various services are available at their locations
  • Competitive currency exchange rates.
  • Ease of transfer because Abu Sheikha Exchange Company cares about its customers and their comfort.
  • A qualified, trained, and experienced team and work cadre.
  • We are by your side through our 17 branches with easy access to Abu Sheikha Exchange.

With these easy and simple steps, you can send money to Bangladesh in minutes with Western Union. Your transfers are easy and fast, visit one of the branches, and our team is ready to fulfill your request immediately.

Globally, the costs of sending money are, on average, are competitive. It is the customer’s decision to choose the service that most suits their needs.  

If you plan to send money regularly, you must look for options that suit you and find the service that works best for you, not only in terms commission and rates, but also in terms of speed, security, and after-service support. At Abu Sheikha be rest assured that you will receive the full bundle.

Abu Sheikha’s customer service team is ready to answer all inquiries at 065508081.