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Sending Money to Family and Friends

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    September 11, 2022

Transferring money to family and friends is very sensitive, as any mistake can lead to losing your money, so you have to be more careful in completing your transfers. Despite the vast number of people conducting such transactions, only a few know the best ways to transfer money.

Transferring money using traditional methods is costly and time-consuming due to the large number of paperwork. You certainly don't want to suffer from long waiting periods, security risks, and limitations on the number of transfers you can send. Fortunately, with the advancement of the money transfer industry, modern solutions have been invented to pave the way toward more accessible and more convenient international financial transactions.

Only with Abu Sheikha Exchange transfer money to family and friends and unique services.

Using cash transfer companies such as Western Union is the most effective way to transfer money within the company's permissible limits, as users do not have to have a bank account. Moreover, this method is characterized by the speed of completing transfers which are faster even than bank transfers.

Because some cash transfer service providers set a maximum limit for the money sent, it is best to contact them to confirm this in advance. Western Union money transfer services cover all parts of Jordan, making it the first choice for those who wish to send an amount of cash to the same country or another.

If you are looking for a reliable money transfer service provider via various money transfer services, including Western Union, then Abu Sheikha Exchange is the best choice.

Western Union has provided financial services for over 160 years in 200 countries worldwide. Its agent branches reach over 500 thousand empty spaces, covering the most important cities worldwide. Millions of people depend on it daily to send and receive money quickly and safely, whether their transfers are personal to family or friends or even trade remittances to business partners and suppliers.

Through Western Union services, you can send your money as cash transfers or direct deposits into one of the bank accounts by going to one of the branches of Western Union agents and filling out the transfer request with depositing the amount of money to be sent to family or friends, leaving the recipient's data or the bank account and receiving the transfer code MTCN in Status of sending a cash transfer.

Once the transfer code is received, it must be shared with the recipient, who will not be able to receive their funds unless they show this code to a Western Union agent employee, in addition to showing approved personal proof.

Western Union services are entirely safe and reliable, and the transfer is usually completed within a few minutes, so it is one of the fastest money transfer methods in the world.

If you want to send money from Jordan quickly and thoroughly securely, head to the nearest Abu Sheikha Exchange branch and discover our Western Union services.

Abu Sheikha Exchange has 17 branches covering all parts of Jordan and works daily until midnight, and our departments work on weekends and official holidays.

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