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Expanding your business entails building sustainable relationships with suppliers and partners abroad. Now that all countries are connected, the possibility to deal with partners offshore is definite

Coronavirus has been shaping our consciousness and everyday life since its outbreak in early 2020. Thankfully, things in 2021 are not as complicated as 2020, in terms of initiating a severe lockdown

Is sending money to overseas suppliers a burden you regularly go through? Now, the world is more connected than any time before. You might be operating in Jordan and have international business

The world became accessible for everyone and transferring money to a foreign bank account has become more common than ever. Thankfully, we are no longer required to use the traditional ways of money

It has become a common thing for businesses and individuals to send large sums of money internationally. Huge transfers are not something to take lightly. Any mistake can lead to the loss of your

Dear Customers, According to the instructions issued by the government authorities on wednesday, 28th of April. Stating that Friday will no longer be considered as a total lockdown day and will

Dinarak is an electronic wallet that helps its users to complete a wide range of financial transactions, including money transfer, money withdrawal, online shopping, digital payments, and more. It

No bank account? No worries. You still can enjoy several financial services and money transfer solutions with Dinarak e-wallet.  Dinarak provides reliable mobile payment solutions for

Zain Cash is a digital wallet app that provides trusted electronic payment solutions. Launched in 2011, Zain was a pioneer in using mobile payment in Jordan and the Middle East. It is considered one

The spark in mobile payment services has been increasing for several years now, allowing people to pay bills and more online with such ease and convenience.  With this revolution in mobile