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Why Switch To
Abusheikha Exchange's Direct Deposit Services

Automatic Deposit
The payments are added to your bank account without any action taken from your side.
No Paper Hassle
With direct deposits, you don’t need to use checks. All payments are done electronically.
Everything is Recored
You will have a transaction history, in case you want to recheck any payment details.
Your payment will be most secured with Abusheikha Exchange.
Abu Sheikha Exchange provides you with direct deposit services with the best rate in town.
It's Fast
It takes less time to send payments directly to bank accounts than depositing a check and waiting for it to clear.
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We Take Pride In
Serving Our Customers Right

One of the fastest money transfer service in comparison to other companies and the treatment is very professional.

Sameer Albdor

Direct Deposit FAQS

It is the process of directly depositing a payment, such as salaries, by a payer into the payee’s bank account. People usually use it because it is a safe, and trusted method for sending money to bank accounts.

You can send money to a bank account through Abu Sheikha Exchange or receive your money into your bank account.
It can be used by everyone, especially employers who don’t trust using checks because of its low security standards. Customers can divide and send their payment easily into many different accounts: checking account, saving account, etc.
Direct deposit is considered the safest method to transfer money into your bank account.
Abu Sheikha Exchange always processes and posts the direct deposit requests within 48 business hours from the time the transfer is made from one of our locations.
If your account is closed or cancelled, the bank will reject the direct deposit. And we will refund back the transfer to the sender.