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Your Smart & Safe
Way To Transfer Your Money with Western Union

Abu Sheikha's 22 branches across Jordan are empowered by Western Union to help our clients get the money service they deserve

Fast Pick Up

The recipient can receive money within a couple of minutes after a successful wiring by the sender.

Almost Everywhere

Abu Sheikha Exchange helps connecting people wherever they are through Western Union services.


Abu Sheikha Exchange & Western Union are two trustworthy companies that you can rely on to transfer money, securely and without any scams.


Money Services Designed
to Meet Your Needs

22 Abu Sheikha Exchange branches across Jordan are empowered by Western Union to help our clients get the money service they deserve


Our power lies in providing organized and professional services.

All-In-One Place

Get all your money needs done in one place.


We use our years of experience in delivering secure transfers .

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Sending & Receiving
Money Made Easy

How To Send Money

  1. Visit your nearest Abu Sheikha Exchange branch with your national ID.
  2. Provide the operator with transfer information, such as receiving country, receiver’s full name, and desired sending amount.
  3. The operator will inform you with the proposed fees and the amount received at the destination (To know more about the fees click here).
  4. Then, the operator will double check the correctness of the information provided.
  5. If everything is correct, you can pay either cash or through your bank card.
  6. The transfer will be sent directly with a sending receipt provided to you to share the Transfer number (MTCN) with the receiver.

Precaution: do not share your transfer details with anyone other than the actual receiver, and make sure you personally know the receiver.

For more information on Western Union services, please visit

How To Recieve Money

  1. Ask the sender for the transfer number (MTCN)
  2. Visit your nearest Abu Sheikha Exchange branch
  3. Provide your ID and transfer number
  4. The money will be paid to you

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to send or receive money with Abu Sheikha Exchange.

There are two types of how your western union transaction can be made:

  • Direct to Bank: You can send your money with western union directly to bank account.
  • Cash: you can send or receive your money cash from Abusheikha exchange.

Why Customers Trust Us

Excellent services and best offers are found in Abu Sheikha Exchange. Wish you all the best!

Mohamad Abdelqader