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How to Avoid Money Transfer Delays During Official Holidays & Weekends

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Do you have concerns whether or not to send/receive money during official holidays?

Bank transfer is one of many money transfer methods and its effectiveness depends on many factors, including the bank dealt with, currency exchange rates, and rules and regulations of the sender’s/receiver's country.

The time it takes to receive a bank transfer changes and it might exceed four days. Some transfers go through on official holidays, depending on the type of transfer and the receiving/sending bank.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about money transfers on official holidays.


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Bank Transfer Types

There are many types of bank transfers and each type differs from one country to another and one bank to another:

SWIFT Bank Transfers

The fees for this type of transfer are higher than the regular ones and the transfer might be received during 4 working days or more.

Using SWIFT requires the receiver to have a bank account and to provide its full details to the sender.

Online Bank Transfers

Some banks provide many services to their customers to facilitate banking transactions, including instant online transfers on vacation. 

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Problems of Bank Transfers on Official Days

When banks are off on an official holiday, it may affect the receiving time of money transfers and some customers don’t like waiting, as they can be in real need to receive/send the money right away.

Bank transfers are subject to mistakes that can delay the transfer, and these mistakes can be rectified when the employees are back to work from the holidays.

Here are some cases that may happen in bank transfers 

A Mistake in the Name of the Sender or Receiver

If any typos in the name of the sender or the receiver occur, bank transfer cannot be received during official holidays. Instead you have to wait until the vacation ends to solve the problem. Sometimes, in the advanced banking systems, this problem can be solved instantly without the need to wait.

Expiry Date of ID

Banks strictly apply several rules, including the validity of the sender’s/receiver’s national ID or passport. Hence, if the ID or passport is expired, the money transfers cannot be sent or received.

Security Reasons

Some countries impose security restrictions on bank transfers, which are aimed at examining bank transfers randomly or for specific individuals, or even imposing restrictions on receiving or sending transfers from specific countries.

Consult Your Bank

It’s always recommended to give your bank a call and ask them if they are working during holidays and weekends. Especially, if the transfer is from/to another country because of the different vacations and days off.

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Is There a Better Alternative?

If you want to send a transfer that doesn’t exceed 7000 USD, you can use Western Union services and send/receive money within minutes, even during holidays and weekends.

This is your best alternative, because such service providers work all week long and the transfer can be done instantly globally and locally.


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