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Why to order foreign currency before travel

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Should you convert foreign currency before you travel or not? That is the question for the typical avid traveler. 

This can also be a problem for the modern Shakespeare.

Many travellers, especially first timers, face  an issue and get confused about whether it is cheaper to exchange currency before they embark on their journey or wait until they land there. 

Most probably, the first option they will have is airport exchange booths. But, if you are a regular traveller, you will know that the last option you should resort to is the airport currency booths because they usually apply higher fees and you will end up wasting money and value rather than saving it. 

Don’t fall into this trap. Of course you would want to save money to enjoy your time and do more activities during your trip. 

Now that we excluded the airport as an option, let us take a look at other options you have to get your currency exchanged with the least amount of  fees and the most value?

Let’s discover this together.

Why Do You Need to Order Foreign Money before Travel?

First things first, it is more convenient to have the same currency as the country you are traveling to before going there. You  can’t predict what is going to happen, so you have to be prepared for any charges that you are obliged to pay, so it is better to be on the safe side and change currency before travelling. 

Although you have many options to exchange currency  from overseas, you still won’t be able to  get a better value than that of your country. For example, an exchange house such as Abu Sheikha Exchange  can offer you the best currency rates and allow you to send/receive money through the phone. 

What You Need to Know before Exchanging Currency for an International Trip

If you are going on an international trip, there are a couple things you should bear in mind. For example, traveling from the USA to Italy is not like traveling from Jordan to the USA especially when it comes to currency exchange. It all depends on how common the currency is and whether it is  demanded in the destination country. 

From the USA to Italy, you will pay less to exchange currency because your currency is in demand. On the other hand, in the USA there isn’t much demand for the Jordanian Dinar so you might end up paying more than expected.

Is It Better to Buy Foreign Currency at Home or Abroad?

If you don’t exchange currency before traveling, you might waste time searching for exchange houses that provide the best value or waste time and money while using airport services. So why would you go through the hassle instead of  having  fun and chilling, wasn’t that the whole point of travelling after all?

Always secure yourself and exchange money in your home country; you won’t only save time but also save money and increase value.

 How Do You Convert Money before Traveling?

Luckily, you have cheaper and more convenient options to convert money from your home country. 

First of all, you will have the time and luxury to search around and compare between the rates provided by different currency exchange houses until you reach the best rate for your needs. 

Secondly, you can also check the currency rates offered at your favorite exchange house. You can visit any of Abu Sheikha's branches or call their customer service for more information on the currency exchange rate

Pro tip: You can calculate how much money you will approximately need for your trip, so that you can exchange before travelling.

 Is it Better to Convert Money or Use a Credit Card?

Paying with a credit card can be much cheaper than using cash. We recommend you to apply for an international credit/debit card before traveling and pay with it whenever you need. It is also safer and more convenient to use a card than keeping cash with you which will minimize the risk of having the money stolen or lost. Also, you can use the card to perform online payments to make  reservations, bookings, and more.However, avoid withdrawing money from ATM machines because you will end up paying huge charges on each transaction. 

How Much Money Do You Need for 2 Weeks in Europe?

Europe is one of the most fascinating destinations for many travellers, especially to countries such as France, Italy, England, and others. The currency used there is Euro. If you don’t calculate the cost of the trip correctly and set the right budget, you will end up spending an unnecessary amount of money.

You need to consider the basic costs of the trip such as the flight, accommodations, transportations, food, attractions visit, and other expenses.

It would be impossible to calculate the exact amount of money needed as there are many variables. However, approximately your trip might have the following cost: 


How Much Money Do You Need for 2 Weeks in the US?

The United States of America is full of visually capturing places and attractions that make people eager to visit, such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Walt Diseny, and many more. If you are planning to visit the US, it’s about time to know how much you would spend on average. The currency used there is the US Dollar.


Visit the Nearest Branch

If you wish to exchange currency at the best rate, all you have to do is visit Abu Sheikha exchange branches, and we will take care of all the procedures. You can find us in 17 different branches across Jordan! We are available all week, including weekends and holidays until midnight.

Check our currency exchange service

If you are wondering whether to exchange foreign currency before travel or not, the answer is yes. You can do that through Abu Sheikha Exchange, apply for a credit/debit card, or visit your local bank. In any of the circumstances, try to avoid airport exchange booths and plan  your trip ahead to enjoy it to the maximum.