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6 Ways To Send Money During COVID-19 To Family or Friends In Need

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The global pandemic has left us all extra careful when dealing with the outside world, especially when it comes to money or cash. It is a tough time that we are living in and what makes it worse is that we keep on hearing about a “second wave” that will put us in quarantine again.

Many people wonder what is the fastest and most convenient way to send money to loved ones if they get locked down again. The traditional options such as handing cash in person won’t be the answer; and of course you can’t leave your people without money and food.

Luckily, there are other options to send money in COVID-19 easily, instantly, and safely. 

In this article we will demonstrate the ways you can use to support your family and friends financially without jeopardizing their well-being.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting The Economy?

As a result of the increased unemployment rate since the pandemic outbreak early in 2020, many people have lost their jobs, hence their income got lower and lower, leaving them unable to even buy necessary goods. 

Companies started to lose money as a result of the recession and they had no choice but to let employees go to cover the loss. Households got affected, especially in the developing countries, which depend on day labor. 

We have seen a concerning decline in the global economy and almost everyone can feel the difference, whether the rich or the poor.

  1. Send Money Using Western Union

Western Union is the most convenient, instant, and secure way to transfer money from one place to another. The requirements to complete the transfer are simple:

  • As the sender, you need to have a national ID and the amount of money

  • As the recipient, you need to have the MTCN code to be able to pick up the money

The company has a long history of providing professional and reliable money transfer services across 200 countries.

Social Distancing from Employees

During the spread of COVID-19, Western Union considered the highest safety and health standards to protect the well-being of its customers and employees. 

The company has put strict guidelines for employees and agents to adhere to hygiene and cleaning routine inside the stores, in addition to practices to maintain social distancing. They aim at providing the same services while meeting the customers’ needs to financially support their families and friends. 

Furthermore, Western Union has leveraged its digital services to be available in over 75 countries to facilitate money transfer, so that customers won’t have to visit the branch and stick to social distancing.

  1. Send Direct Deposits 

This option is very handy if you want to electronically send money to a checking or a saving account. It is faster and safer and protects you from directly dealing with cash or checks which might jeopardize your health. 

The amount of money can be directly deposited from your bank account to the recipient’s account within a few minutes. When you send the money, the recipient will receive it automatically without any human intervention.

To transfer money you need the following:

  • Name and address of the recipient as it appears on their account

  • Name of the bank

  • The bank routing number 

  • The bank account number

  1. Mobile Money

If you don’t want to send bank transfers, you still can use your mobile phone to get the money digitally. This technology will save you the hassle of visiting the bank branch where the chances of you getting infected by CoronaVirus are higher. 

There are about 290 mobile money service providers worldwide that you can use and with only a few clicks, the recipient can get the money.

Mobile money can work on almost all smart phones. It uses your number as an account number and it is usually cheaper than other options, such as banks.

How Do I Use Mobile Money?

To send funds using your mobile phone, please follow the below steps:

  • Set up an account on any mobile transfer service provider

  • Follow the provided instructions to send money using the recipient’s phone number or account ID

  • Send/receive money by requesting/accepting payments through text message

  1. Digital Wallets

Also known as mobile wallet or e-wallet, digital wallets are an easy way to  transfer money as it acts as your credit/debit card, only stored on an application. This digital technology can be used to send money to people and pay for goods, services, and bills without using any cash. It is like a virtual wallet that you can use through your smartphone or tablet to complete the transaction instantly within a few clicks.


  1. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Payment Platform

It is a payment system that allows users to transfer money using mobile applications that are linked to their bank account or credit/debit card.

You can easily set up an account on one of the platforms you choose, and then link it to your bank account or card. The recipient must have an account to complete the transfer. You can also find other users through their names, email, or contact details. 

Follow the easy steps below to send funds:

  • Choose the person you want to send the money to

  • Choose the amount of money

  • Add a reason for transfer (Optional)

  • Submit the payment

  1. Gift Cards

Gift Cards are prepaid debit cards, loaded with an amount of money that you can send to family members and friends. Such cards can be used to make payments and pay  bills online without the need to directly deal with vendors and agents.

Gift cards are divided into two types: open loop gift cards and closed loop gift cards. The first are equivalent to cash or credit/debit cards that you can use to purchase anything; while the latter are designed by stores to allow users to purchase from certain retailers.

Avoid COVID-19 Online Scams

Protect your money and the people you are sending the money to from online scams that have been increasing during the pandemic. 

We’ve gathered some tips for you to consider during your next transfer:

  • If you would like to donate to the World Health Organization (WHO) make sure to do so using a trusted money transfer service like Abu Sheikha Exchange.

  • Do not download malware from coronavirus 19 maps

  • Do not enter your credit card information into suspicious websites that offer updates on corona status

  • Avoid suspicious ecommerce websites that sell masks, sanitizers or cleaning products

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Do not let the spread of the coronavirus prevent you from sending money to the people you care about. You have many other options rather than handing cash in person. Those options are not only easy to use and inexpensive, but they will also reduce the chances of you becoming infected with the virus by maintaining social distancing.